Energy Relief: Who is eligible to claim up to $1,000 on electric bills


Inside the great state of Mississippi, Americans have been struggling with payments from consuming evergy on various forms. There is a nuclear electric power generation company called Entergy that announced they made a pledge to help Mississipians with $3.2 million to pay for their high gas prices. This company concluded that helping people with low to moderate incomes will be the main focus of this massive effort.

However, this will apply only to customers who are residents across the state. Currently, Entergy Mssissippi provides energy to around 456,000 residents in all 45 Mississippi counties. About half of this power from that company generates from natural gas, a commodity that has doubled in cost over the last year.

This has made life quite difficult for families who don’t have a high income due to the energy bills they all have to pay. Entergy Mississippi president and CEO, Haley Fisackerly said the following about this aid coming to Mississipians: “We not only want to alert our customers ahead of time when we see factors that can affect their bills.

“We also want to give them the help and tools they need to prepare for those bills.” But not everybody will be able to claim these upcoming checks that will be worth around $1,000 each. There is a set of rules and standards the people who apply will have to meet in order to get a slice of this $3.2 million pie.

Who can apply for this Energy Relief check?

Before the checks come, a $150 bill credit will apply to moderate income customers. That will be $1.1 million that goes directly to temporary bill payment assistance for people from the state who are having a hard time paying utility bills and cannot qualify for federal assistance programs. After that Estergy will roll out $1,000 for all disabled and senior citizens who need it.

Adding up to the credit, that is another $540,000 but the company is also adding free $35 energy efficiency kits. Putting them all together, these kits will be worth arounc $1.1 million. Last but not least, Entergy is investing $460,000 in a customer education campaign that will help all customers learn how to take better care of their energy consumption.


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