2 Eyeshadow Mistakes That Make Eyes Sag Over 40

Brice recommends washing, moisturising, and cleaning your eyelids before applying any eye product for the best look. 

As we age, the skin around our eyes "tends to produce less moisture," so keeping the area moisturised will help your makeup look more vibrant, dewy, and radiant.

"It can make your skin look older than you are," she says. Chang says to "use a good makeup remover and gently remove all eyeshadow traces" before bed.

Brice warns that shimmery eyeshadow can highlight wrinkles. She says sparkles can accentuate wrinkles. 

 Brice warns that sparkles and dark colours can make lines and wrinkles more noticeable.

"Glittery or shimmery eye shadows really settle into wrinkles and draw attention to them," says McGill. 

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