2 pupils and 4 staff members were hurt in a California school shooting that saw 30 shots fired.

In a shooting at an Oakland, California, school on Wednesday that left six people injured and is thought to have been gang-related, at least 30 shots were fired by multiple suspects

At a press conference, Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong stated that the shooting, which he termed "wholly disgusting," left officials feeling lucky that fewer people were hurt.

He added, "There may have been more, but we know there were at least two shooters and another accomplice involved to this crime.

We also know that more than 30 bullets were fired on our school, which is very wrong. We praise God that fewer kids were hurt.

Two, according to Armstrong, were pupils. A counselor, a security guard, and two staff members were also hurt. 

He stated that the shooting, which was thought to be gang-related, targeted a specific individual.

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