CEO of a cancer charity that purchased a $400K giant dragon statue with donations

A UK cancer charity's director was fined more than $130,000 for allegedly using $450,000 in public contributions to erect a huge monument of a Welsh dragon. 

It's unknown where the money went, and the statue was never constructed. They want a sizable portion of it back, the court made that clear. Continue reading to learn what transpired.

According to ITV News, Simon Wingett was sued by the UK's Charity Commission after he used £410,000 (about $457,000) of the cash from his charity to build a 210-foot-tall dragon sculpture. 

Wingett thought it would compete pieces like Antony Gormley's Angel monument as a popular tourist destination. 

But the enormous dragon was never constructed. Wingett was required to repay £117,000 (about $130,000) by the UK's High Court of Justice, 

 which would be given to regional organizations that assist cancer sufferers.

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