A MLB player says what Joe Musgrove probably has on his mind

Andrew McCutchen, who has been playing baseball for a long time, thinks he knows what Padres pitcher Joe Musgrove has on his ear during Game 3 of the NL Wild Card Series on Sunday night.

In the sixth inning on Sunday night, the umpires checked Musgrove for anything that didn't belong to him. They didn't find anything.

McCutchen, on the other hand, thinks he knows what Musgrove had in his ear.

"Here we go. I'm sure Musgrove's ears are full of Red Hot. It's a way for pitchers to keep their minds on the game

 It burns like crazy, and I don't know why some guys think it helps them, but it is not "sticky" in any way. But Buck is smart.

Musgrove's ear looked pretty shiny, but the umpires didn't find any strange substances on his body.

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