A Simple Hack for 'Over-Easy' Eggs Is a Game-Changer

When we find a new way to manufacture eggs, we're thrilled. If you love over-easy eggs but struggle to make them, try this wonderful tip. 

TikTok user @erinnnmeck demonstrates us a new recipe.
This hack makes breakfast easy.

We don't want a hard breakfast. This basic idea delivers flawless eggs without the hassle. First, we admire her use of butter

Yummy! This easy hack adds a dash of water to the pan while the eggs boil, then covers it to steam them. 

Once a white film appears over the yolks, they're done and runny. The yolks look very wonderful. We're eager to dip English muffins in that golden bliss.

Audience was ready to attempt this notion. Viewer @bayougirl said, "OMG!!! Try this. Thank you for sharing. 

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