A viral bakery trick makes boxed cake taste homemade.

Baking is fun. Focus and direction-following are needed. It lets your creativity shine. Today's post is for cake-bakers.

TikTok creator @positively paige presented her cake hack. We can't believe her stories. This changes everything.

What's first? Bakeries employ boxed cake mixes, which surprised many of us. Not all bakers utilise cake mixes. Her bakery did

Her cake-flavoring tips are easy to implement. Mix batter with butter and milk. Butter and milk are great. It improves baking.

How did TikTok users react? "All these folks finally realised that most bakeries use box cake mix," joked @user4172436557290. LOL.”

Mrz@Tanara Shanell Carroll answered, "Wait till they learn the cakes are frozen. Then order icing." 

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