A well-known politician was busted stealing from a major supermarket chain.

Recently, a previous candidate for the Auburn City Council was busted stealing from the Wegmans grocery store chain in the Onondaga county region. 

According to reports, the suspected offender took groceries worth more than $400. After the man was caught stealing twice, police were sent right away to the site and issued a warning to him.

Robert Otterstatter was a politician and businessman in the Onondaga County region, according to Syracuse.com. He had previously been barred from the Wegmans store

when he was apprehended after stealing hundreds of dollars' worth of food. Otterstatter was really barred from entering any Wegmans location since March of this year.

Otterstatter experienced a similar run-in with the law back in the spring of 2022. After the former council candidate was found to be trespassing at a Wegmans location, 

Otterstatter already had infractions against him from the grocery company when police arrested him, which led to further charges.

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