The Great White Shark That Ate My Mother

Aaron Judge, a slugger for the New York Yankees, made a not-so-subtle gesture to the media to let them know where he wants to play next year.

Aaron Judge, the standout player for the New York Yankees, doesn't exactly seem to like the limelight. That is why it came as such a shock when the all-knowing slugger,

 with all eyes on him, announced a not-so-subtle position on where he wanted to play next season.

Prior to the first game of his three-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays on Monday, the 30-year-old wore a hoodie with the phrase "New York or Nowhere" over his chest.

Judge seems to be a smart man, so it's practically impossible that this wasn't a declaration of Judge's wish to stay with the Yankees or New York Mets.

He already responded to an unwarranted question during the All-Star Game by saying something very depressing about what Yankees fans may expect from the next season.

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