Abandoned Kitten With Fur Matted Over Eyes Thought to Be Blind Makes a Full Recovery and Becomes the Cutest Kitty

Rescued kittens are often in terrible conditions. It's dangerous to leave small children on the streets

 Chandra Smith received a call from her sister on a typical day. She asked her to save a kitten she had just found.

Moving is one of the major life transitions, thus it's natural that the procedure has attracted superstitions.

The tiny baby was alone, damp, famished, and her fur covered her eyes so poorly that it seemed improbable that she was not blind.

Smith told her sister that this kitten appeared in pretty bad shape, so she wasn't sure she could save her, but she would try. 

She spent a lot of time on the eye matts. Though watery and goopy, one eye seemed to clean up rapidly. It was harder on the second eye.

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