According to reports, Arch Manning Decides On Texas

Soon, Arch Manning will be formally enrolled at the University of Texas.According to Anwar Richardson of, the five-star quarterback will formally enroll in January 2023. 

Manning should have enough time to start his college career early thanks to the early enrollment.

In 2023, Arch is excited to learn from Steve Sarkisian and join his teammates, according to Richardson. 

"Arch heavily contemplated delaying his enrollment and defending his team's state basketball title," Richardson wrote.

We can't fault Arch for wanting to complete his high school basketball career because basketball is life. Additionally, the amount of times you can engage in combat with your allies is limited.

But for Arch's future at UT, enrolling early was the wisest move. Barring a huge shock, Arch presumably won't be asked to start straight away with Quinn Ewers returning in 2023

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