After a driver has a concussion, Denny Hamlin criticizes NASCAR.

Hamlin blasted NASCAR for not taking responsibility for driver injuries in a Tweet he sent on Thursday night. 

 He also criticized the league for its risky vehicles and how it handled the Bowman incident.

It's disheartening that our sanctioning organization won't recognise or take ownership of drivers' injuries. 

They stated the same thing again. OUR knowledge made us aware of a better option. It's unfair that these drivers are still exploited by the system, Hamlin wrote in a Tweet.

When NASCAR introduced the new car to drivers, Hamlin was "pleading that the car was [too] stiff," according to fellow driver Kevin Harvick, who also criticized NASCAR for their risky vehicles.

It's unclear if NASCAR will really respond to the complaints made by Harvick or Hamlin. The two famous drivers are obviously unhappy, though, and they don't hesitate to express it.

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