After a gun scare during the game, LeBron's son hurried off the court.

During his high school basketball game on Saturday night, Bronny James, the son of LeBron James, was dragged from the court because to concerns that someone in the arena might be carrying a gun.

According to TMZ, mayhem suddenly erupted in the audience as Bronny was competing for the Sierra Canyon boys basketball team versus DeMatha as part of a showcase game in D.C.

According to TMZ, there are rumors that numerous spectators got into a fight in the stands, and at one point, a gun was allegedly drawn to settle things.

During the event, coaches and players hastily left the court. According to reports, the immediate region was in a scene of panic and mayhem as people rushed to ensure their safety. 

According to TMZ, police conducted a "thorough check" but declared that they were unable to find any firearms there.

According to TMZ, DeMatha head coach Mike G. Jones III stated that the teams left the arena without finishing their match "out of an excess of caution." 

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