After a "Reprehensible Act," a high school football team's season was called off.

Members of the River Valley High School team took part in a slave auction, according to Doreen Osum, superintendent of the Yuba City Unified School District, who spoke to FOX 40.

Due to a dearth of available players following the season-long suspension of the involved players, River Valley will be forced to forfeit the remaining games.

I can confirm that those who took part won't be playing the rest of the season after speaking with the kids who were involved in the tragic and incredibly upsetting event at River Valley High School.

We will not dismiss or downplay the fact that they broke our student athlete code of conduct, which they all agreed to abide by when they signed it. 

We are unable to field the varsity squad due to a lack of players, and as a result, we must forfeit the remaining games of the season.

 Juniors and sophomores from the varsity squad are welcome to join the junior varsity team to complete their season as they continue their own.

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