After Anthony Davis is hurt while hanging on the rim, NBA fans trash Anthony Davis.

Anthony Davis gets mocked by NBA fans for hurting himself while dunk-dunking and hanging on the rim.

When the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Anthony Davis in a trade, they had high hopes for the former first-round choice. Yes, AD played a part in the Lakers' 2020 NBA Championship victory. 

However, Davis seems to have lost his stardom since that time. So much so that, according to a recent story, the Lakers don't think AD lived up to their expectations of him as a franchise player.

Davis' fight with injuries is one of the most important causes of it. By trading for Davis, who had a history of injuries while playing for the New Orleans Pelicans, the Lakers were taking a chance.

After sitting out numerous games the previous two seasons, AD appears to be fully healthy this year. But the Lakers' latest loss to the Denver Nuggets put that status to the test.

Every Lakers supporter was concerned when Davis dunked the ball and continued to cling on the rim during the first quarter.

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