After Manchester United's goal was disallowed, Cristiano Ronaldo laments loudly.

After Cristiano Ronaldo's goal was ruled off during Manchester United's scoreless draw with Newcastle United, he was enraged beyond control.

Ronaldo had a rough summer during which he attempted to leave Old Trafford, and he has had a disappointing start to the season with just two goals in 12 matches.

Ander Herrera, a former United midfielder, thinks Erik ten Hag should use Ronaldo as much as possible while he can.

"How can you say this player is not for the squad when you have a player who scored 24 goals last season?" According to Herrera, who is presently on loan from PSG to Athletic Bilbao.

He was one of the top scorers in Europe and the team's leading scorer. Of course, at 37, he's not going to score 50 goals every season, but he's still competing and scoring.

He takes care of himself every day and during every training session, so respect him. You now likely need to manage his charge during practice and competition.

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