After the disastrous Panthers defeat, Antonio Brown slams Tom Brady

Last Sunday afternoon, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers suffered their worst defeat of the year and perhaps Tom Brady's last as a Buc.

Brady wasn't able to score a touchdown during the game, which the 1-5 Carolina Panthers ultimately won 21-3. 

Following Matt Rhule's dismissal from his position as head coach on October 10th, the Panthers were forced to play with backup quarterback P.J. Walker, who threw for 177 yards and two touchdowns.

The Buccaneers and Todd Bowles also had the advantage of not having to play brilliant running back Christian McCaffrey, who was dealt to the San Francisco 49ers earlier in the week.

After the game and the defeat, Antonio Brown, a former wide receiver with the Buccaneers and Brady's teammate, made the decision to tweet out a few troll posts to add gasoline to the flames.

Brown left the game against the New York Jets last year because of disputes on the sideline, and Brady's face was photo-shopped onto Brown's during that incident.

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