After Vice President Harris' misstep, North Korea launches its fourth ballistic missile in a week.

Following Vice President Kamala Harris' error during her planned speech in the Demilitarized Zone on the Korean Peninsula, North Korea launched its fourth ballistic missile in a week (DMZ)

Saturday saw the launch of the missile into the East Sea, according to the South Korean military.It marks North Korea's fourth missile launch in the previous seven days.

The incitement follows Harris' assertion on Thursday that "the Republic of North Korea" and the United States had a "solid partnership."

Within hours of Harris' departure from South Korea on Thursday, North Korea launched two further short-range ballistic missiles into the ocean.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, stated on Wednesday that the missile testing are "not unusual" and that Harris would still be able to visit the DMZ despite this.

Harris stated, "As you know, North Korea has a history of doing these sorts of tests.

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