Airmail to James Harden, man.

James Harden's memorable scenes blend together. Step, dribble, dribble again, behind the back, between the legs, dribble again.

My phone... He stutter-steps, dribbles, dribbles, step-backs. Usually, he swishes, bricks, or cements his opponent and drives the lane.

In February 2018, he set up Wes Johnson with a seven-dribble pass.

Harden utilised his non-dribbling arm and a terrific between-the-legs stepback dribble to separate from Johnson, who sat down and became a meme.

Harden doubled down by staring down Johnson, shimmying, and draining the three.

The last time anybody saw Johnson was when he stood up like an 80-year-old grandpa shuffled to the bathroom for the sixth time in one night.

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