America sports Golf's greatest iconoclast, Bryson DeChambeau, outsmarted himself by switching to LIV

He was the buzz of the sport and a major champion just two years ago, but according to John Hawkins, Bryson has lost both his platform and perhaps his edge.

Do you recall Bryson DeChambeau? Many devoted golfers would prefer not to, which the Brawny Brainiac brilliantly fulfilled by giving up his PGA Tour membership 

Nowadays, DeChambeau's only genuine connection to the public is through the oafish statements he gives to the fourth estate, an organization with which he has a need-and-hate relationship.

Not only do the remarks come out of left field, but the source himself garners a lot of attention. A human lightning rod who thought differently, behaved differently,

and played differently than any other tour player, DeChambeau was once the most significant golfer on Earth.

By blithely dismissing conventional thinking, he caught people's attention and turned heads. 

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