American actress Nikki Blonsky declares her engagement to a proud nonbinary partner.

Nikki Blonsky, a former cast member of Hairspray and a local camp celebrity, has been interacting with fans for years, especially after her Cameo Renaissance in 2019.

The actress announced her engagement on Instagram, simultaneously showcasing her fiancé and her brand-new jewellery.

In June 2020, the celebrity experienced her "formal closet door bustdown moment." She danced and lipsynced on her lawn to Diana Ross'

Blonsky isn't unfamiliar with a drag lipsync, either! The singer performed a moving rendition of "Good Morning Baltimore" at DragCon Los Angeles the year before

however it was changed to "Good Morning DragCon." another another camp symbol

We're sure she's pleased with her current partner despite not getting Zac Efron, a future she had openly supported on the Wendy Williams program mid-Zanessa.

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