American Disney World Going viral, angry Disney guests demand the "2 PM Rule" be abolished

Should you have unrestricted access to the various Disney parks? You'd think some of these limitations would be obsolete by 2022, given how much money Disney World (or Disneyland) costs.

 Recent visitors, however, are upset that the "2 pm park hopping" restriction is still in place.

To reopen their doors safely during the beginning of the pandemic, large gathering venues like Walt Disney World had to enact a number of health and safety regulations. 

To better monitor social distance, Disney only needed to think outside the box and enact novel regulations like park hopping restrictions and reservations. 

And it served the purpose at the time. People are upset that Disney hasn't abandoned its "unfair" and "obnoxious" park hopping regulations,

despite the fact that most of the country has demonstrated that reducing crowds is no longer a top priority for health and safety reasons. Here is what is happening.

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