An Ex-Washington Player Won't Attend His Honoring Ceremony

He is one of the ten players that will be included on the team's list of the top players ever.

It appears that the most recent dispute involving the Commanders and co-owner Dan Snyder has extended to the franchise's birthday celebrations.

Ten of the team's all-time greatest players will be honored on Sunday, but one has said he doesn't want anything to do with it.

One of the 10 former players being added to the team's greatest 90 players list in celebration of the franchise's 90th anniversary is former Washington tight end Chris Cooley

He commented on The Kevin Sheehan Show, "I'm very appreciative of being voted in, and I'm quite appreciative of my time when I was there."

I don't really want to be connected with the Washington Commanders right now. The name of the squad doesn't matter.

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