B.C. diver shakes leg with'mind-blowing' Pacific octopus

Andrea Humphreys' new acquaintance greeted her with extended arms, a full-body hug, and a tentacle kiss.

The teacher's video of the encounter in three-meter-deep water off Campbell River, Vancouver Island, has gone viral.

I've dived for 12 years. never had it It was mind-blowing and incredible," said Humphreys, who has done over 675 dives around the world.

On Oct. 15, Humphreys and two others were with a fifth diver who'd never seen an octopus.

“So, we set out to locate that guy an octopus. Humphreys says he found the octopus in three minutes.

Humphreys and her friends gave the octopus space while taking photos. She guessed it was more over 3 metres tentacle to tentacle

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