Barack Obama had a private, candid conversation with reporters.

Obama voiced worry that Trump's presidency will lead to the politicization of law enforcement.

Before leaving office, President Barack Obama disclosed to a group of reporters in an off-the-record chat that he was most concerned about the politicization of law enforcement agencies 

after his successor, Donald Trump, became office.
Through the Freedom of Information Act, Bloomberg News was able to get a transcript of the previously unreported January 17, 2017,

chat with a group of progressive journalists, which was then made public on Friday.

The attorney general's office, U.S. attorneys, FBI, prosecutorial functions, and IRS audits are the areas where Obama expressed the greatest concern to reporters. 

"I mean, I think that the dangers I would see would be — and we saw some hints of this in my predecessor — if you politicize law enforcement," he said.

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