Ben Gordon, a former NBA player, is detained after striking his kid severely.

Ben Gordon was detained after striking his son and taking him to the hospital.Most people are familiar with Ben Gordon from his time spent with the Chicago Bulls. 

Following Michael Jordan's retirement in 1998, the Bulls quickly lost their respect in the NBA. Ben Gordon was one of the captains as the squad started to reassemble. 

Gordon aided in the Bulls' comeback to respectability. After hitting his son, the former NBA star has now been taken into custody.

Ben Gordon once had a bright future as an NBA player. Gordon failed to live up to his potential and contributed to the stigma around mental illness.

During the pinnacle of his fame, Gordon was candid about wanting to end his life. Ben Gordon also made a point of being vegan when he was still a professional musician. 

Gordon left the area despite his vow to stay. Gordon left the Bulls and later played as a journeyman with the Charlotte Bobcats, who had the worst record in NBA history at the time.

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