Big 12 Officiating Crew Shows How Incompetence Has No Limits

People will argue that this is just Iowa State supporters being ungrateful and grumbling about the authorities again, but they will be mistaken. 

 A game that Iowa State just lost in Austin was lost due to poor refereeing. And yes, I am aware that Xavier Hutchinson lost the game-winning shot alone. 

For playing so fervently tonight, Iowa State deserves all the praise in the world. The worst that might happen is that they would have to play in overtime.

Let's start now. With 2:30 remaining, Iowa State gets a first down on the Texas 30 yard line, and Hunter Dekkers maintains the ball while using a read option.

It is true without any qualifiers of any kind. A Texas player had targeted him, which is why the ball came loose.

Targeting calls that were made from the officials' booth after they weren't made on the field have harmed Iowa State. 

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