Bookings for flights to Qatar during the World Cup spike, notably from Dubai

Reuters, Oct. 11: Dubai The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is in very high demand for flights to Qatar for the next soccer World Cup

According to travel monitoring company Forward Keys, airline reservations to Qatar from the UAE and nine other nations have increased ten-fold since the outbreak began.

They have multiplied 103 times from the UAE compared to 2016, the final year before the UAE joined other Arab nations in a boycott of Qatar

 which resulted in the suspension of direct flights. Early in 2021, the boycott came to an end.

According to ForwardKeys, "the UAE's high performance is explained by a paucity of lodging in Qatar," adding that many spectators were anticipated to stay in Dubai.

Despite the necessity to provide a negative COVID-19 test result in order to enter Qatar, there is still a high demand.

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