Breaking Cover: AbramsX Next-Generation Main Battle Tank

The AbramsX future main battle tank idea from General Dynamics Land Systems has been presented in steel, or should we say in the flesh?

We covered the most recent developments in the M1 Abrams evolution earlier this week, 

but now we get to view the real equipment in advance of the Association of the U.S. Army's major meeting in Washington, D.C., this week.

The AbramsX, with its heavily modified turret that has several electro-optical sights and a remote firing station equipped with a powerful 30mm gun, certainly looks the part of a future tank.

Its XM360-derived 120mm cannon with its ported muzzle brake and sniper gray-like urban camouflage with countershading along its serrated skirt also give it a highly futuristic appearance.

The Abrams' kerosine-guzzling turbine engine has long been a significant logistical vs. performance trade-off; according to General Dynamics, this will result in a staggering 50% fuel savings.

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