Bubba Wallace Devastated by News of Takeoff Death

Rapper Takeoff was shot and died early on Tuesday morning during an altercation at a Houston bowling alley, according to news reports.

Just 28 years old, Takeoff was a member of the group Migos. The sports community has used social media to commemorate him and pray for his family in the hours following his untimely death.

Bubba Wallace of the NASCAR team was one among many who posted a tribute for Takeoff. He recalled how he recently had the chance to meet Takeoff and the Migos.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Takeoff and Migos in 2018. They were friendly and relaxed, and they relished every moment of the spotlight. My man, take it easy! "He tweeted this.

Deion Sanders addressed his squad with a stirring statement earlier today regarding Takeoff's passing.

Specifically referring to our rappers, Sanders remarked, "I'm sick and tired of the consistency of folks that are influential to you leaving us repeatedly."

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