Cat's Pitiful Home Alone Reaction Caught on Camera

Owners hate leaving their pets alone. In an ideal world, we'd bring them everywhere, but many animals must stay home while their parents run errands.

TikTok user @toothless.nugget shared a video of her cat meowing at home.

Nugget was upset when maintenance came before, and his mom explains on the video that he thought it was his parents coming home.

Nugget's alone! His cries are tugging at our hearts. His mom almost dropped everything to give her baby a hug, and we'd understand if she did.

People felt bad for this kitty missing his mom. @skoochnchubba said, "Awwww. 

Poor baby wants his mommy. He's great!" @lilyb292929 said " Please hug him." We hope Nugget's mom gets home soon.

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