According to ABC 9 KGUN Tucson, the accidental fentanyl overdose that killed country artist Luke Bell was the cause of death.

At the age of 32, Bell was discovered dead on August 29 in Tucson, Arizona, nine days after he had gone missing

On the day his corpse was discovered, Bell's friend and fellow artist Matt Kinman posted a confirmation of his passing on the site Saving Country Music.

Additionally, it was claimed that drug paraphernalia had been discovered at the scene of his death.

The Pima County Medical Examiner's postmortem report said Bell had arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease and a blood alcohol level of 0.076 at the time of his death

 according to The U.S. Sun.
When arteries thicken and stiffen, a condition known as arteriosclerosis develops, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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