CFB community responds to absurd Alabama conspiracy

Last Saturday's upset of the Alabama Crimson Tide by the Tennessee Volunteers was an instant classic. 

The game included a game-winning kick, a projectile vomit attack by an offensive lineman, and Tennessee fans throwing the goalposts into the neighboring river.

But did the officials assist the Volunteers in defeating the Crimson Tide? Well, that's what a magazine in Alabama claims.

"Did the head official celebrate a Tennessee touchdown during the Alabama-Tennessee game? You be the judge," tweeted Touchdown Alabama.

"If there is a commercial timeout following a score, they "punch out" to break by holding their fists straight out. It appears that he may have resisted punching out to break 

 after realizing there was still a chance to score an extra point. Additionally possible is his customary touchdown signal flair, according to Football Zebras.

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