Charlie Ward, a retired NBA player, discusses his lifestyle and stroke.

In this 2019 episode, I speak with former NBA player and Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward about his encounter with stroke in June 2018 while on a church mission trip to Mexico.

We discuss Charlie's life events leading up to his stroke as well as the lifestyle adjustments he's made to give himself the greatest shot of a long, healthy life free of strokes.

Charlie graduated from college in 1994 and joined the NBA after having a stellar multi-sport college athletic career. He played basketball professionally from 1994 until 2005,

when injuries forced him to stop. He changed careers and now teaches coaching at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

The main takeaway from this episode is that we need to look for ourselves. We need to control our diets, increase our activity, and manage our stress.

And until a crisis arises, it's simple to forget that. When we're not looking, bad behaviors creep up on us.

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