China launches the third and final part of the space station

(AP) BEIJING — China completed its permanent space station on Monday with the launch of the third and last module, capping a more than ten-year project to maintain a continuous crewed

On Monday at 3:39 p.m. (0739 GMT), Mengtian was launched into space from the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center on the southern island of Hainan.

A big group of onlookers, including space enthusiasts and amateur photographers, witnessed the launch from a nearby beach.

Many people displayed their strong delight in their country's space program and the advancements it represented by waving Chinese flags and donning T-shirts with Chinese symbols on them.

As the second laboratory module for the station, generally known as Tiangong, or "Celestial Palace," Mengtian, or "Celestial Dream," joins Wentian. 

Both are connected to the crew's home and workplace, the Tianhe core module.

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