Clear Statement From Jim Nantz Regarding Tom Brady's Divorce

Tom Brady will play in his first game since separating from Gisele B√ľndchen on Sunday against the Bucs and Rams.

But CBS' Jim Nantz says he'll limit the coverage of the network's broadcast to the on-field action because he wants to be "respectful" of the GOAT.

The renowned play-by-play announcer discussed his strategy for the call during an interview with Jimmy Traina for the "SI Media Podcast." referring to Brady's highly publicized marital problems:

The subject has been present the entire season, but while I've watched the games, I haven't really heard anyone bring it up. That seems a little bit out of bounds to me. He lives a private life.

 The friend Tom is. I send him and his family my best wishes. I want to be respectful since I'm going to be there to cover a football game.

Despite knowing that Brady brought up the matter on his "Let's Go!" podcast with Jim Gray, Nantz continued by saying he doesn't feel the need to address it. 

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