Cowboys News, Troy Aikman Reaction in NFL World

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman stated to TMZ earlier this week that his former team needed to trade for a wide receiver.

The Hall of Fame QB told TMZ, "I do realize you better have some offense in today's NFL if you're going to win games." You need to have more than one or two weapons if you want to be offensive.

Yes, he answered, "Could they use another weapon. "I believe that Amari Cooper was a person who undoubtedly attracted some notice in coverage 

and that his passing this past year opened up a lot of other things," the author said.Social media was flooded with recommendations from fans about players the Cowboys may trade for.

Amari Cooper, a former wide receiver for the Cowboys, was a typical response.Can I suggest Amari Cooper? one supporter asked.

Someone else chimed in, "Hey, Cedric Wilson can come back."Another joked, "Nelson Agholor can be yours.Should the Cowboys acquire a wide receiver through trade?

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