Currently, Walmart is temporarily closing hundreds of locations.

Due to the pandemic and other other economic difficulties, businesses have been shutting storefronts left and right over the past few years.

Due to this, well-known shops like CVS and Bed Bath & Beyond had to permanently close their doors. Fortunately, not everything is disappearing forever, 

and occasionally closures are only temporary necessities. In fact, one of the biggest retailers in the country is currently temporarily shutting hundreds of sites across many states.

In terms of specific locales, Walmart has not been exempt from the recent retail disaster. The big-box retailer permanently closed a number of its locations in the spring. 

In April, Walmart shuttered facilities in Bellevue, Washington; Forest Park, Ohio; and Louisville, Kentucky.

Additionally, the business shut down locations in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, and Guilford, Connecticut.

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