Unexpected electrocution at work kills a father and his little daughter just before the wedding day.

Electrical contractor David Outhwaite, 36, lost his life on Friday while working on a power line pole in the Western Australian farming community of Nirimba, about an hour south of Perth.

David was set to wed Jodi Dunlop the following year and has a 16-month-old daughter.

Heading 2

The system seemed to still have live electricity flowing through it when David—who had just started his own business—began working on it

which should not have been the case, according to Western Australia's energy safety commission.

He "made the world and everyone around him better," and she was "devastated" by his passing.

When Owen McLarty, a friend and David's coworker, learned that an electrician had been slain nearby, he hurriedly began ringing his friends.

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