On October 4, the 90-year-old American singer-songwriter Loretta Lynn passed away. 

According to the Washington Post, Lynn's family sent an Associated Press statement in which they verified that the singer passed away at her Tennessee home.

Although she was assured a place in the Country Music Hall of Fame, Lynn had a traumatic childhood during which she lived in extreme poverty

 and came dangerously close to her away. She was born in 1935 and had seven siblings. She was from a coal-mining area of Kentucky.

The fact that Lynn married at age 13 and had a child at age 14 was perhaps the most surprising aspect of her early life. Lynn had four kids by the time she turned 18 and was a mother.

Oliver "Doolittle" Lynn, Lynn's husband, was the one who actually gave her a guitar and encouraged her to pursue her musical and singing abilities. 

Zero Records, a Canadian record company in Vancouver, signed Lynn in 1960. She and her husband ultimately decided to mail her records to radio stations across the nation

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