Defensive lineman for the Texans Rasheem Green

The Houston Texans are 1-5-1 heading into their Week 8 game against the Tennessee Titans.

But another defeat in Week 7 has dropped them to that mediocre mark. 

 As they strive to rescue their season, the squad is searching for every type of boost they can receive before facing such a hard opponent, and on Tuesday.

Players talked to the media about what lies ahead of them.Rasheem Green, a defensive lineman with the Texans

The importance of practice for the team's week-to-week success, saying that the game is ultimately decided by the players' heads.

According to Green, the most important factor in achieving success in the NFL is the mental side of the game.

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The defeat puts the Heat at 1-3 after they were unable to complete a sweep of the Raptors.

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