Deshaun Watson cost the Browns already $45 million in waste.

With only seven weeks remaining in the regular season and a record of 2-5, the Cleveland Browns' chances of making the playoffs are now all but certain. 

With the quality on the roster and Jacoby Brissett contributing just enough, it was hoped that the team could remain competitive

in the postseason race until Week 13 when $230 million quarterback Deshaun Watson returns from his suspension. Now that it appears to be a pipe dream, 

the $45 million the organization paid Watson for this season is useless. And if things don't work out over the course of the upcoming season and beyond

Through Week 7, the Browns are 2-5, and their upcoming three games against the Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, and Buffalo Bills will be difficult (with a Week 9 bye). 

The Browns, who have already dropped their last four straight games, appear to be in for at least two more defeats, if not three.

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