Dog mom's nail-clipping hack is genius

If you've ever clipped your dog's nails, you know how difficult it is. Cry and run. They'll bite your fingers if you touch their nails

To trick them, use treats. LOL! @laurensmith926 did that and it worked well. She looked silly, but it worked. After watching this, you'll want to try it.

O.M.G. This must be done now! Who cares if it's silly? Whatever works, works. @dogservices byadam: "Really? If it works, it's not silly." True!

@mimithecatlover: "Create! Animals play." Yes! Treats usually work to outsmart our smart pets. LOL! @mrrammathorn said "Eyes. 

This TikTok trick is epic. We can't either. Everyone says this is smart. @emmamicenheimer said, "Genius!" True. This will be popular.

"Brilliant! Beast loves peanut butter. I'll try, "@clairdurham830 These videos will fill our timeline soon. No problem. Smart and funny!

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