Donald Trump is being intimidated into not running for president once more.

Donald Trump's lawyer alleged that his client is being "bullied" into not running for office again in 2024.

Alina Habba said in an interview with Newsmax's Eric Bolling the Balance that the former president is being treated unfairly in light of the numerous criminal 

The two opined that a federal investigation into whether Trump improperly handled highly confidential and sensitive White House records 

records that were taken from his Mar-a-Lago office may be an attempt by the Democratic Party and the Department of Justice to "deter" Trump from seeking reelection.

"What makes it OK to bully someone just because they are a Republican, in my opinion, when people witness anyone being bullied?

This is paradoxical considering how often bullying is condemned by left-wing parties and the media. Or maybe because they pose their greatest political threat?

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