Due to a transgender kid, the Vermont girls high school volleyball team is prohibited from using their OWN locker room.

While they were getting ready in the locker room, some teammates claim that the transgender athlete from Randolph Union High School made a "inappropriate remark" to some of them.

They now demand that the unnamed transgender player be transferred to another institution. The allegedly offensive comment's specifics have not been disclosed.

However, Vermont's state legislation allows children to participate in sports and utilize a locker that matches their gender identity.

It's a big deal, Blake Allen, a team member, told WCAX, and "everyone is wondering why aren't you permitted in the locker room?" she described how uncomfortable it made her feel.

The school informed the families of the players via email shortly after the event that it had "enough of room where children who feel uncomfortable with the laws may change in privacy."

The Orange County School District's superintendent, Layne Millington, has not yet responded to the situation.

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