After being forced into a McDonald's freezer during an armed robbery, a 16-year-old girl calls the police.

When a teenage girl from New Orleans dialed 911 from a McDonalds freezer during the fast food establishment's armed robbery, she was greeted by her mother's voice.

Tenia Hill, 16, told WDSU on Tuesday, "I was pretty afraid because I would never anticipated at my first job I would be getting robbed let alone having a pistol aimed at me." 

 Because I didn't want my mother to have to bury her youngest kid, "I was quite concerned. She kept me alive when I might have died. I was overjoyed.

An armed woman entered McDonald's before the phone call and ordered all employees to go inside the freezer, according to KKTV. Hill then dialed 911 while still in the freezer

and discovered Teri Clark, her mother, was on the other line. By the time of the event, Clark's job as an assistant operations manager was over, 

but she stayed past her shift time to assist personnel, according to the source.

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