Dying Husky's Reaction to Baby Crawling Moves Me

TikTok user @hprealtor is so sad. She's celebrating being a parent by watching her baby reach milestones.

More will follow if that didn't make you cry. She isn't alone for her child's milestones. Like a proud parent, her Husky is there too

Oh, our hearts! It's sad to know your dog's days are numbered, but we're glad he's around for important moments like this

"Your pet stayed to see these special moments," said @RayneDruid. Aww!! Yes, yes, yes! What a wonderful outlook!

"He's proud," @heyitsmichellemaire said. Think! Oh, he's PROUD! Her capturing this moment on camera is so special.

TikTok user @peace.love.bunnies said, "Beautiful dog! Crazy full circles." We've come full circle

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