By its standards, the new $412 billion cost estimate for the F-35 is a modest increase.

According to the Defense Department's most recent program report, the Pentagon's most recent anticipated cost to build

and acquire the F-35 fighter jet, the most costly weapons program in history, has increased from $398 billion to $412 billion.

Prior to the most recent 3.5% rise, which is described in the Defense Department's annual Selected Acquisition Report on significant weapons, the $398 billion estimate

The anticipated increase of $14 billion is a relatively small rise for a program with a track record of rising costs and development hiccups.

However, even with the increase, the US will have committed $16 billion for security aid to Ukraine, spanning from January 2021 through the most recent installment

When Lockheed Martin Corp. was awarded the contract to design and construct the fleet in 2001, the anticipated cost of the F-35 was $233 billion.

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