Safe-Deposit Boxes Contain $86 Million That the FBI "Permanently Confiscates"

Nearly 1,400 safe deposit boxes at the Beverly Hills U.S. Private Vaults business were searched by the FBI.

A jazz saxophonist, an interior designer, a retired physician, two Century City lawyers, a flooring contractor, and hundreds of others had their personal items searched by the Feds.

 They photographed things like wills, credit cards, prenuptial agreements, pay stubs, immigration and immunization documents, password lists, and pay stubs.

According to recently revealed court records, FBI agents deceived the judge who authorized the safe-deposit box raid.

The fact that they intended to permanently seize everything in every package containing at least $5,000 in cash or items was kept a secret. 

The assumption that hundreds of unidentified box holders were holding assets that might or might not be connected to unsolved murders served as grounds for the seizure.

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