Following a catastrophic stampede, FIFA and Indonesia pledge to improve soccer safety.

JAKARTA, Oct. 18 (Reuters) - After more than 130 people were murdered in a stampede at a match this month,

FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Tuesday decided to review safety procedures at stadiums across the nation.

After Indonesia and FIFA decided to organize a joint taskforce in the wake of the stadium catastrophe 

and as the Southeast Asian nation gets ready to host the Under-20 World Cup next year, the leader of world soccer's governing organization was in Jakarta to visit President Widodo.

Infantino asserted that improving Indonesia's football would be the nation's top priority and that soccer supporters deserved safety and security.

The stampede that occurred after a game on October 1 at East Java's Kanjuruhan Stadium has been attributed to police shooting tear gas onto the field, a method of crowd control that FIFA has outlawed.

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